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Technical visits

Teatro Regio di Torino

11th September, 2023

Teatro Regio di Torino by Carlo Mollino

Visit to:

  • Theatre Hall: unique for the original half-open shell shape, whose lines visually converge towards the stage
  • Orchestra pit (Golfo Mistico)
  • Wooden dome, on which the acoustic performance of the room mainly depends, which is studied in every minimum structural detail by engineers’ experts in acoustics
  • Terrace and […]

Acoustic and vibration metrology

The visiting program includes the following laboratories and activities:

  • Microphone calibration (National standard of acoustic pressure)
  • Reverberation room and test chambers for building acoustics
  • Speed of sound in gases (acoustic realization of the new definition of the measuring unit Kelvin)
  • Speed of sound measurements in high-pressure liquids
  • Standard of ultrasound power
  • Vibration […]

Intesa San Paolo

12th September, 2023

Intesa Sanpaolo Headquarters – a perfect acoustics in a sustainable building

Brief introduction to the acoustic design of the INTESA SANPAOLO tower: overview of the covered topics and activities carried out to proceed from the final executive design to the construction design.

The acoustic design of the Auditorium: acoustic requirements and possible different configurations. The changes of […]


13th September, 2023

Technological innovation in the television scenarios

The visit to the Laboratories of the RAI Centre for Research, Technological Innovation and Experimentation (CRITS) http://www.crit.rai.it/CritPortal/

will offer the opportunity to enjoy the research activities carried out by Rai-CRITS in the field of Digital Television and new Services for the users.

5G technologies offer new opportunities for the […]


13th September, 2023

Stellantis NVH laboratories

NVH experts will explain the activities done in the NVH laboratories:

  • Semi anechoic chamber with rollers
  • Semi anechoic room
  • Full anechoic room
  • Reverberant anechoic room
  • FRF room
  • Four poster
  • Sound design room

Participants will take part to a demonstration in the Sonia room (Sound design room): a specific software  enables the auralization of vehicle […]


15th September, 2023

Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

The facility started activity in 1972, for full scale aerodynamic tests. During years, it has been continuously updated. Nowadays it is still used for aerodynamic measurements but, thanks to its low noise configuration it also become a “state of the art” instrument for internal and external aeroacustic measurement on cars, buildings, scaled models […]

Registration for technical visits can be made at the same time as registration for the conference until the maximum number of participants is reached for each visit.