Information on EAA Forum Laboris @ Forum Acusticum 2023

General information

Forum Laboris is an on-site event connected to EAA conferences/ summer- or winter schools to provide young acousticians the opportunity to get to know and establish connections to different kinds of employers.

Forum Laboris aims to connect potential job seekers/ interested young acousticians and employers by providing general and more detailed insights into work at, e.g., companies, universities, etc.

Forum Laboris is planned on Sunday, September 10th, 2023, from approximately 2:00 PM, after the summer school. It will be organized as a two-part event:

  1. Introduction pitches for employers and job seekers (approx. 60 Minutes)
  2. Speed-dating between employers and job seekers (approx. 90 Minutes)

Introduction pitches allow a quick overview of represented employers at Forum Laboris, while speed-dating brings people together for the first step in networking. The speed-dating part is primarily intended for establishing communication channels with employers for the job application process and should not be mistaken for job interviews.

Registration procedure:


Employers apply by sending an email to providing the following information:

  • Subject: “Employers’ application for Forum Laboris”
  • Company/ Institution name
  • Mail address and phone number of one representative contact person
  • Short description of the company/ institution (incl. specialties/ technical topics)
  • Number of representatives that will participate at Forum Laboris (incl. number of in-person/ online/ hybrid participants)

Job seekers

Job seekers/ interested young acousticians apply by sending an email to providing the following information:

  • Subject: “Job interests’ application for Forum Laboris”
  • Preferring in-person or online participation
  • Current qualification & job status
  • CV (max. 2 pages)
  • Short motivation letter (max. ½ page)

Procedure and important dates


• Application deadline for companies and job seekers: Friday, August 25th

• Announcement of participating companies (via mail & website): Latest by August 28th

• Registration/ application for pre-scheduled speed-dating slots (50% of all available slots of each company): Friday, 1st September

• Announcement of Pre-scheduled Speed-dating Slots: Sent via email to participants

• On-site Registration for Left-over Speed-dating Slots: After the employers’ introduction pitches.


• Depending on the number of represented employers, introduction pitches will last 3-10 minutes
• Each speed-dating slot will take approx. 12 minutes that will comprise a short elevator pitch (1-2 minutes) by the job seeker/ young acoustician to train self-presentation and a casual chat between the employer and job seeker/ young acoustician.
• In parallel to the speed-dating, space will be provided for casual talks between all participants of Forum Laboris who are not involved in speed-dating slots (only in-person).

For further questions, you can contact the YAN via email at or reach out to us via Discord (