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Structured Sessions

A01-01 Active sound control Session Organizers Jordan Cheer Jonathan Millitzer
A01-02 Active vibration control Session Organizers Neven Alujevic Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani
A01-03 Active sound profiling Session Organizers Mattia Dal Borgo Alberto Garcia de Miguel Claudio Colangeli
A01-04 Smart structures for vibration control Session Organizers Jean-Francois Deu Paolo Gardonio
A01-05 Active metamaterials Session Organizers Hervé Lissek Felix Langfeldt
A02-01 Non-vocal bio-acoustics Session Organizers Andrea Ravignani Masayo Soma
A02-02 Open-source software and cutting-edge applications in bio-acoustics Session Organizers Yannick Jadoul Olivier Friard
A02-03 Eco-acoustics Session Organizer Gianni Pavan
A02-04 Underwater bio-acoustics Session Organizers Elena Papale Marta Solé
A02-05 Terrestrial bio-acoustics Session Organizers Daria Valente Vlad Demartsev
A02-06 Bat bio-acoustics Session Organizers Ahana Fernandez Laura Stidsholt
A02-07 Bird bio-acoustics Session Organizers Julia Hyland Bruno Livio Favaro
A03-01 General building Acoustics and sound insulation Session Organizers Catherine Guigou Carter Luca Barbaresi
A03-02 Sound insulation in wooden construction Session Organizers Stefan Schoenwald Federica Morandi
A03-03 Impact noise Session Organizers Nata Amiryarahmadi Fabian Shoepfer
A03-04 Absorption materials and innovative measuring techniques Session Organizers Luc Jaouen Francesco Pompoli
A03-05 Service equipment noise in buildings Session Organizers Antonino Di Bella Giovanni Semprini Teresa Carrascal
A03-06 Measurement uncertainty and test codes in building acoustics Session Organizers Volker Wittstock Andrea Prato
A03-07 Structure borne noise Session Organizers Andreas Mayr Michel Villot
A03-08 Acoustic regulations, classification schemes and standards in building acoustics Session Organizers Birgit Rasmussen Chiara Scrosati
A03-09 Safety & emergency acoustics Session Organizer Jeongho Jeong
A03-10 Prediction and numerical simulation in building acoustics Session Organizers Edwin Reynders Andrea Santoni
A03-11 Measurement of sound insulation in buildings Session Organizers Amandine Maillet Chiara Scrosati
A04-01 Monitoring and measurement (new indicators, sensors design, sensor networks, data processing…) Session Organizers Cesar Asensio Patrizia Bellucci
A04-02 Noise mapping and assessment Session Organizers Murphy Enda Elena Ascari
A04-03 Action plans and noise policies Session Organizers Eoin King Francesco Borchi
A04-04 Urban air mobility noise (drones UAM) Session Organizers Patrizio Fausti Ingrid Legriffon
A04-05 Industrial noise Session Organizer Francesco D’Alessandro
A04-06 Outdoor machinery, including wind turbines and low frequency sources Session Organizers Luca Fredianelli Fritz Van den Berg
A04-07 Low frequencies noise Session Organizers Gianni Pavan Jalves Geografia
A04-08 Environmental noise and health effects Session Organizers Fanny Mietlicki Anne-Sophie Evrard
A04-09 Costs and economic impact of environmental noise Session Organizers Abigail Bristow Elisabetta Ottoz
A04-10 Outdoor noise propagation Session Organizers Timothy Van Renthergem Didier Dragna
A04-11 Artificial intelligence and environmental noise Session Organizers Gaetano Licitra Rosa Maria Alsina Pages
A04-12 Leisure noise Session Organizers Jose Luis Cueto Jacopo Fogola
A05-01 Modeling and measurement of loudspeakers Session Organizers Finn Agerkvist Antonin Novak
A05-02 Microphones for audio or measurement applications Session Organizers Pierrick Lotton Petr Honzik
A05-03 Sound field control and loudspeaker array processing Session Organizers Philip Jackson Filippo Fazi
A05-04 Acoustic MEMS Session Organizers Libor Rufer Vittorio Ferrari
A06-01 Rotor noise Session Organizers Felix Czwielong Elisa de Paola
A06-02 Wind Tunnel Testing in Aeroacoustics Session Organizers Jan Delfs Alessandro di Marco
A06-03 CAA -methods Session Organizers Manfred Kaltenbacher Renzo Arina
A06-04 Metamaterials for passive control in aeroacoustics Session Organizers Wim Desmet Umberto Iemma Wim de Roeck
A06-05 Jet noise and installation effects Session Organizers Vincent Jaunet Matteo Mancinelli
A07-01 Brass instruments: tribute to Joël Gilbert Session Organizers Jean-Pierre Dalmont Jean-François Petiot
A07-02 Experimental methods for music acoustics Session Organizers Jean-Loïc Le Carrou Augustin Ernoult
A07-03 Acoustical, perceptual and neural modelling of drums Session Organizers Charalampos Saitis Tim Kirby
A07-04 Acoustics of organ pipes and the pipe organ Session Organizers Peter Rucz Juliette Chabassier
A07-05 Interfaces for musical expression Session Organizers Stefania Serafin Romain Michon
A07-06 From FEM- to machine learning-based analysis and modeling of musical instruments Session Organizers Fabio Antonacci Sebastian Gonzalez
A08-01 Noise and Sustainable Development Session Organizers Eoin King Francesco Asdrubali
A08-02 Subjective evaluation of environmental noise Session Organizers Jian Kang Tin Oberman
A08-03 Noise in restaurants and canteens Session Organizers Pasquale Bottalico Dario D’Orazio
A08-04 Noise in hospitals and healthcare facilities Session Organizers Mai-Britt Beldam Simon Secchi
A08-05 Audio-visual interactions in environmental noise perception Session Organizers Timothy Van Renterghem Anna Preis
A08-06 Learning-based noise/vibration control in Mechatronics Session Organizers Hamid Reza Karimi Marek Pawełczyk
A09-01 Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Session Organizers Lynda Chehami Nico Declercq
A09-02 Nonlinear Acoustics Session Organizer Mourad Bentahar
A09-03 Advances in acoustic metamaterials Session Organizers Marco Miniaci Jean-Philippe Groby Massimo Garai
A09-04 Brain therapy using ultrasound Session Organizers Francesco Prada Gianni Durando
A09-05 Multiphysics and multimodality ultrasound imaging Session Organizers Filippo Molinari Barbara Caccia
A09-06 Cavitation-based therapeutic ultrasound Session Organizers Adriano Troia Gianni Borasi
A09-07 Acousto-Optics Session Organizers Samuel Dupont Jurgen Vanhamel
A10-01 Increasing ecological validity in audiology Session Organizers Inga Holube Axel Ahrens
A10-02 Assessment of hearing devices in complex environments Session Organizers Volker Hohmann Karolina Smeds
A10-03 Modelling of unaided and aided performance Session Organizers Tim Jürgens Mathieu Lavandier
A10-04 Auditory and cognitive aspects in perception with hearing devices Session Organizers Abigail Kressner Tobias Nehe
A11-01 Spatial Hearing: Modeling and Applications Session Organizers Piotr Majdak Janina Fels
A11-02 Virtual Reality and Hearing Research Session Organizers Lorenzo Picinali Janina Fels
A11-03 Perception and Behaviour in Complex Acoustic Scenes Session Organizers Bernhard Seeber Nicola Prodi
A11-04 Personalisation in Spatial Audio Technologies Session Organizers Michele Geronazzo Lorenzo Picinali
A11-05 Psychoacoustics in Communication Session Organizers Philipp Aichinger Jody Kreiman
A12-01 General Room Acoustics Session Organizers Ingo Witew Francesco Martellotta Dario D’Orazio
A12-02 New trends in room acoustic measurements (including arrays and signal processing)[joint session with A13] Session Organizers Melanie Nolan Peter Svensson
A12-03 Innovations in sound absorption measuring techniques, including reverberation room measurements Session Organizers Chiara Scrosati Mark Müller-Giebeler Christian Nocke
A12-04 Stage acoustics and rehearsal spaces Session Organizers Stefan Weinzierl Eckhard Kahle Jens Holger Rindel
A12-05 Acoustical needs for comfortable and inclusive learning spaces Session Organizers Chiara Visentin Giuseppina Puglisi
A12-06 Open plan offices Session Organizers Manuj Yadav Valtteri Hongisto
A12-07 Effects of noise and room acoustics on communication Session Organizers Monika Rychtarikova Vojtech Chmelik
A12-08 Real world implementation of innovative acoustic surfaces Session Organizers Louena Shtrepi Zackery Belanger
A12-09 Sound propagation in rooms Session Organizers Jean-Dominique Polack Zuhre Su Guhl Francesco Martellotta
A12-10 Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other computational methods in room acoustics Session Organizers Domenico de Salvio Cheol-Ho Jeong
A12-11 New trends in auditorium design Session Organizers Margriet Lautenbach Luca Dellatorre Henrik Möller
A12-12 Directivity of sources and receivers I (also Theme A21) Session Organizers Paul Luizard Marc Arnela
A12-13 Acoustics of cultural heritage buildings and archaeoacoustics Session Organizers Brian Katz Damian Murphy Angelo Farina
A12-14 Accuracy in room acoustic modelling Session Organizers Lukas Aspöck Giulia Fratoni
A13-01 General topics in acoustic signal processing Session Organizers Filippo Fazi Efren Fernandez-Grande
A13-02 Audio signal processing for Virtual and Augmented Reality Session Organizers Markus Noisternig Boaz Rafaely
A13-03 Source localization and identification Session Organizers Simon Doclo Efren Fernandez-Grande Quentin Leclere
A13-04 New trends in room acoustic measurements (including arrays and signal processing) Session Organizers Peter Svensson Melanie Nolan
A13-05 Machine learning for acoustic sensor array processing Session Organizers Maximo Cobos Hannes Gamper
A13-06 Sound field control and loudspeaker array processing Session Organizers Philip Jackson Filippo Fazi
A14-01 Soundscapes, ethnomusicology, ethnography Session Organizers Camila Degen Lorenzo Chiarofonte Daniele Filippi
A14-02 Soundscapes of the “new normal” (post-COVID) Session Organizers Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp Chiara Bartalucci
A14-03 Soundscape and restoration, quiet areas Session Organizers André Fiebig Sarah Payne
A14-04 Soundscape design interventions Session Organizers Francesco Aletta Cleo Moshona
A14-05 Soundscape assessment and mapping (indicators, descriptors and metrics) Session Organizers Margret Engel Pierre Aumond Arnaud Can
A14-06 Indoor soundscaping Session Organizers Simone Torresin Papatya Dokmeci
A14-07 Virtual/Augmented reality tools for soundscape studies Session Organizer Tin Oberman
A15-01 Speech intelligibility in children Session Organizers Mary Flaherty Astrid van Wieringen
A15-02 Occupational vocal demands and their effect on well-being and health Session Organizers Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva Viveka Lyberg Åhlander
A15-03 Extended high frequency in speech Session Organizers Brian Monson Pasquale Bottalico
A15-04 Beyond speech: analysis of paralinguistic information in spoken language Session Organizer Carlo Drioli
A15-05 Cognitive aspect of speech production and perception Session Organizers Keiko Ishikawa Chiara Visentin Ryan McCreery
A15-06 Application of Machine Learning to Speech and Voice Research Session Organizers Mary Pietrowicz Maryam Naghibolhosseini Mark Berardi
A16-01 Numerical and computational acoustics Session Organizers Didier Dragna Manfred Kaltenbacher
A16-02 Boundary and finite element methods in acoustics and vibration Session Organizers Petr Rucz Petr Fiala
A16-03 Data-driven methods in acoustics and vibrations Session Organizers Marcus Mäder Johannes Schmid
A16-04 Numerical flow acoustics/Computational aeroacoustics Session Organizers Stefan Schoder Andreas Wurzinger
A16-05 Computational Methods for Room Acoustics Session Organizers Maarten Hornikx Stefan Bilbao
A17-01 Automotive noise and vibration, including electric vehicles Session Organizers Andrea Grosso Marie-Agnes Pallas
A17-02 Road traffic noise monitoring and abatement Session Organizers Patrizia Bellucci Dick Botteldooren
A17-03 Tyre/road noise Session Organizers Marco Conter Fabienne Anfosso
A17-04 Low-noise road pavements Session Organizers Gaetano Licitra Elisabete Freitas
A17-05 Railway noise detection, monitoring and abatement Session Organizers Andrea Bracciali Fabien Letourneaux
A17-06 Noise & Vibration from roads and railways, including urban railways Session Organizers Giovanni Moschioni Konstantinos Vogiatzis Georges Kouroussis
A17-07 Road and rail noise barriers and related devices Session Organizers Massimo Garai Jean-Pierre Clairbois
A18-01 Sound design in Arts/Movies Session Organizers Sandra Pauletto Patrick Susini
A18-02 From brief to evaluation in the sound design process Session Organizers Stefano Delle Monache Patrick Susini
A18-03 Sound design/quality in industrial products Session Organizers Nicolas Misdariis Laura Rossi
A18-04 Sound for care and emotions Session Organizers Elif Ozcan Doriana Dal Palù
A19-01 Geoacoustics and Seabed Acoustics Session Organizer Hefeng Dong Stan Dosso
A19-02 Underwater Acoustic communication and networking Session Organizers Roberto Petroccia Paolo Casari
A19-03 Signal Processing in underwater acoustics Session Organizer Sergio Jesus
A19-04 Passive and Active sonar systems Session Organizers Alessandra Tesei Andrea Caiti
A19-05 Underwater Soundscape Session Organizer Florent Le Courtois
A20-01 Materials and systems for noise and vibration control Session Organizer Jorge P. Arenas
A20-02 Modelling and numerical methods in vibroacoustics Session Organizers Oriol Guasch Laurent Maxit
A20-03 Acoustics of porous and structured materials Session Organizers Nicolas Dauchez  Paolo Bonfiglio
A20-04 Inverse methods in acoustics and vibration Sessior Organizers Nicolas Totaro Jeong-Guon Ih
A21-01 Auditory Cognition in interactive Virtual Environments Session Organizers Janina Fels Jamilla Balint
A21-02 Environmental Noise Auralization Session Organizers Reto Pieren Massimilano Masullo
A21-03 Directivity of Sources and Receivers II (also Theme A12) Session Organizers Fabian Brinkmann Johannes Arend
A21-04 Virtual acoustics for indoor spaces Session Organizers Lauri Savioja Damian Murphy Philip Robinson
A22-01 Education in acoustics: General Session Organizers Magdalena Piotrowska Olivier Robin
A22-02 Interactive media or demonstrations for lectures and laboratory Session Organizers Luc Jaouen Manuel Melon
A22-03 Examples of outreaching activities on city noise abatement policies Session Organizers Raffaella Bellomini Jorge P. Arenas
A22-04 Role of social media in outreaching of acoustics topics Session Organizers Eoin Anthony King Marzena Czajkowska
A22-05 Activities in acoustics of European Research Centers and Companies during the 20th century Session Organizers Joachim Scheuren Andrzej Dobrucki
A22-06 Reflections on the International Year of Sound Session Organizers Jean-Dominique Polack Sergio Luzzi
A23-01 Multisensory and virtual tools and laboratory experiences concerning acoustics
and global comfort
Session Organizers Konca Şaher Fabio Favoino Kıvanç Kitapcı
A23-02 Multidomain comfort for human centric building energy efficiency and wellbeing – IEQ analysis and global comfort solutions Session Organizers Anna Laura Pisello Philomena Bluyssen Giorgia Chinazzo
A23-03 Indoor environmental quality requirements, global and acoustic comfort in workplaces – Legislation and guidelines Session Organizers Papatya Nur Dökmeci Yörükoğlu Giulio Arcangeli Yucel Demiral