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Structured Sessions

A01-01 Active sound control Session Organizers Jordan Cheer Jonathan Millitzer
A01-02 Active vibration control Session Organizers Neven Alujevic Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani
A01-03 Active sound profiling Session Organizers Mattia Dal Borgo Alberto Garcia de Miguel Claudio Colangeli
A01-04 Smart structures for vibration control Session Organizers Jean-Francois Deu Paolo Gardonio
A01-05 Active metamaterials Session Organizers Hervé Lissek Felix Langfeldt
A02-01 Non-vocal bio-acoustics Session Organizers Andrea Ravignani Masayo Soma
A02-02 Open-source software and cutting-edge applications in bio-acoustics Session Organizers Yannick Jadoul Olivier Friard
A02-03 Eco-acoustics Session Organizer Gianni Pavan
A02-04 Underwater bio-acoustics Session Organizers Elena Papale Marta Solé
A02-05 Terrestrial bio-acoustics Session Organizers Daria Valente Vlad Demartsev
A02-06 Bat bio-acoustics Session Organizers Ahana Fernandez Laura Stidsholt
A02-07 Bird bio-acoustics Session Organizers Julia Hyland Bruno Livio Favaro
A03-01 General building Acoustics and sound insulation Session Organizers Catherine Guigou Carter Luca Barbaresi
A03-02 Sound insulation in wooden construction Session Organizers Stefan Schoenwald Federica Morandi
A03-03 Impact noise Session Organizers Nata Amiryarahmadi Fabian Shoepfer
A03-04 Absorption materials and innovative measuring techniques Session Organizers Luc Jaouen Francesco Pompoli
A03-05 Service equipment noise in buildings Session Organizers Antonino Di Bella Giovanni Semprini Teresa Carrascal
A03-06 Measurement uncertainty and test codes in building acoustics Session Organizers Volker Wittstock Andrea Prato
A03-07 Structure borne noise Session Organizers Andreas Mayr Michel Villot
A03-08 Acoustic regulations, classification schemes and standards in building acoustics Session Organizers Birgit Rasmussen Chiara Scrosati
A03-09 Safety & emergency acoustics Session Organizer Jeongho Jeong
A03-10 Prediction and numerical simulation in building acoustics Session Organizers Edwin Reynders Andrea Santoni
A03-11 Measurement of sound insulation in buildings Session Organizers Amandine Maillet Chiara Scrosati
A04-01 Monitoring and measurement (new indicators, sensors design, sensor networks, data processing…) Session Organizers Cesar Asensio Patrizia Bellucci
A04-02 Noise mapping and assessment Session Organizers Murphy Enda Elena Ascari
A04-03 Action plans and noise policies Session Organizers Eoin King Francesco Borchi
A04-04 Urban air mobility noise (drones UAM) Session Organizers Patrizio Fausti Ingrid Legriffon
A04-05 Industrial noise Session Organizer Francesco D’Alessandro
A04-06 Outdoor machinery, including wind turbines and low frequency sources Session Organizers Luca Fredianelli Fritz Van den Berg
A04-07 Low frequencies noise Session Organizers Gianni Pavan Jalves Geografia
A04-08 Environmental noise and health effects Session Organizers Fanny Mietlicki Anne-Sophie Evrard
A04-09 Costs and economic impact of environmental noise Session Organizers Abigail Bristow Elisabetta Ottoz
A04-10 Outdoor noise propagation Session Organizers Timothy Van Renthergem Didier Dragna
A04-11 Artificial intelligence and environmental noise Session Organizers Gaetano Licitra Rosa Maria Alsina Pages
A04-12 Leisure noise Session Organizers Jose Luis Cueto Jacopo Fogola
A05-01 Modeling and measurement of loudspeakers Session Organizers Finn Agerkvist Antonin Novak
A05-02 Microphones for audio or measurement applications Session Organizers Pierrick Lotton Petr Honzik
A05-03 Sound field control and loudspeaker array processing Session Organizers Philip Jackson Filippo Fazi
A05-04 Acoustic MEMS Session Organizers Libor Rufer Vittorio Ferrari
A06-01 Rotor noise Session Organizers Felix Czwielong Elisa de Paola
A06-02 Wind Tunnel Testing in Aeroacoustics Session Organizers Jan Delfs Alessandro di Marco
A06-03 CAA -methods Session Organizers Manfred Kaltenbacher Renzo Arina
A06-04 Metamaterials for passive control in aeroacoustics Session Organizers Wim Desmet Umberto Iemma Wim de Roeck
A06-05 Jet noise and installation effects Session Organizers Vincent Jaunet Matteo Mancinelli
A07-01 Brass instruments: tribute to Joël Gilbert Session Organizers Jean-Pierre Dalmont Jean-François Petiot
A07-02 Experimental methods for music acoustics Session Organizers Jean-Loïc Le Carrou Augustin Ernoult
A07-03 Acoustical, perceptual and neural modelling of drums Session Organizers Charalampos Saitis Tim Kirby
A07-04 Acoustics of organ pipes and the pipe organ Session Organizers Peter Rucz Juliette Chabassier
A07-05 Interfaces for musical expression Session Organizers Stefania Serafin Romain Michon
A07-06 From FEM- to machine learning-based analysis and modeling of musical instruments Session Organizers Fabio Antonacci Sebastian Gonzalez
A08-01 Noise and Sustainable Development Session Organizers Eoin King Francesco Asdrubali
A08-02 Subjective evaluation of environmental noise Session Organizers Jian Kang Tin Oberman
A08-03 Noise in restaurants and canteens Session Organizers Pasquale Bottalico Dario D’Orazio
A08-04 Noise in hospitals and healthcare facilities Session Organizers Mai-Britt Beldam Simon Secchi
A08-05 Audio-visual interactions in environmental noise perception Session Organizers Timothy Van Renterghem Anna Preis
A08-06 Learning-based noise/vibration control in Mechatronics Session Organizers Hamid Reza Karimi Marek Pawełczyk
A09-01 Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Session Organizers Lynda Chehami Nico Declercq
A09-02 Nonlinear Acoustics Session Organizer Mourad Bentahar
A09-03 Advances in acoustic metamaterials Session Organizers Marco Miniaci Jean-Philippe Groby Massimo Garai
A09-04 Cavitation-based therapeutic ultrasound & Brain therapy using ultrasound Session Organizers Adriano Troia Gianni Durando / Francesco Prada
A09-05 Acousto-Optics Session Organizers Samuel Dupont Jurgen Vanhamel
A10-01 Increasing ecological validity in audiology Session Organizers Inga Holube Axel Ahrens
A10-02 Assessment of hearing devices in complex environments Session Organizers Volker Hohmann Karolina Smeds
A10-03 Modelling of unaided and aided performance Session Organizers Tim Jürgens Mathieu Lavandier
A10-04 Auditory and cognitive aspects in perception with hearing devices Session Organizers Abigail Kressner Tobias Neher
A11-01 Spatial Hearing: Modeling and Applications Session Organizers Piotr Majdak Janina Fels
A11-02 Virtual Reality and Hearing Research Session Organizers Lorenzo Picinali Janina Fels
A11-03 Perception and Behaviour in Complex Acoustic Scenes Session Organizers Bernhard Seeber Nicola Prodi
A11-04 Personalisation in Spatial Audio Technologies Session Organizers Michele Geronazzo Lorenzo Picinali
A11-05 Psychoacoustics in Communication Session Organizers Philipp Aichinger Jody Kreiman
A12-01 General Room Acoustics Session Organizers Ingo Witew Francesco Martellotta Dario D’Orazio
A12-02 New trends in room acoustic measurements (including arrays and signal processing)[joint session with A13] Session Organizers Melanie Nolan Peter Svensson
A12-03 Innovations in sound absorption measuring techniques, including reverberation room measurements Session Organizers Chiara Scrosati Mark Müller-Giebeler Christian Nocke
A12-04 Stage acoustics and rehearsal spaces Session Organizers Stefan Weinzierl Eckhard Kahle Jens Holger Rindel
A12-05 Acoustical needs for comfortable and inclusive learning spaces Session Organizers Chiara Visentin Giuseppina Puglisi
A12-06 Open plan offices Session Organizers Manuj Yadav Valtteri Hongisto
A12-07 Effects of noise and room acoustics on communication Session Organizers Monika Rychtarikova Vojtech Chmelik
A12-08 Real world implementation of innovative acoustic surfaces Session Organizers Louena Shtrepi Zackery Belanger
A12-09 Sound propagation in rooms Session Organizers Jean-Dominique Polack Zuhre Su Guhl Francesco Martellotta
A12-10 Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other computational methods in room acoustics Session Organizers Domenico de Salvio Cheol-Ho Jeong
A12-11 New trends in auditorium design Session Organizers
Luca Dellatorre
Henrik Möller
A12-12 Directivity of sources and receivers I (also Theme A21) Session Organizers Paul Luizard Marc Arnela
A12-13 Acoustics of cultural heritage buildings and archaeoacoustics Session Organizers Brian Katz Damian Murphy Angelo Farina
A12-14 Accuracy in room acoustic modelling Session Organizers Lukas Aspöck Giulia Fratoni
A13-01 General topics in acoustic signal processing Session Organizers Filippo Fazi Efren Fernandez-Grande
A13-02 Audio signal processing for Virtual and Augmented Reality Session Organizers Markus Noisternig Boaz Rafaely
A13-03 Source localization and identification Session Organizers Simon Doclo Efren Fernandez-Grande Quentin Leclere
A13-04 New trends in room acoustic measurements (including arrays and signal processing) Session Organizers Peter Svensson Melanie Nolan
A13-05 Machine learning for acoustic sensor array processing Session Organizers Maximo Cobos Hannes Gamper
A13-06 Sound field control and loudspeaker array processing Session Organizers Philip Jackson Filippo Fazi
A14-01 Soundscapes, ethnomusicology, ethnography Session Organizers Camila Degen Lorenzo Chiarofonte
A14-02 Soundscapes of the “new normal” (post-COVID) Session Organizers Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp Chiara Bartalucci
A14-03 Soundscape and restoration, quiet areas Session Organizers André Fiebig Sarah Payne
A14-04 Soundscape design interventions Session Organizers Francesco Aletta Cleo Moshona
A14-05 Soundscape assessment and mapping (indicators, descriptors and metrics) Session Organizers Margret Engel Pierre Aumond Arnaud Can
A14-06 Indoor soundscaping Session Organizers Simone Torresin Papatya Dokmeci
A14-07 Virtual/Augmented reality tools for soundscape studies Session Organizer Tin Oberman
A15-01 Speech intelligibility in children Session Organizers Mary Flaherty Astrid van Wieringen
A15-02 Occupational vocal demands and their effect on well-being and health Session Organizers Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva Viveka Lyberg Åhlander
A15-03 Extended high frequency in speech Session Organizers Brian Monson Pasquale Bottalico
A15-04 Beyond speech: analysis of paralinguistic information in spoken language Session Organizer Carlo Drioli
A15-05 Cognitive aspect of speech production and perception Session Organizers Keiko Ishikawa Chiara Visentin Ryan McCreery
A15-06 Application of Machine Learning to Speech and Voice Research Session Organizers Mary Pietrowicz Maryam Naghibolhosseini
A16-01 Numerical and computational acoustics Session Organizers Didier Dragna Manfred Kaltenbacher
A16-02 Boundary and finite element methods in acoustics and vibration Session Organizers Petr Rucz Petr Fiala
A16-03 Data-driven methods in acoustics and vibrations Session Organizers Marcus Mäder
A16-04 Numerical flow acoustics/Computational aeroacoustics Session Organizers Stefan Schoder Andreas Wurzinger
A16-05 Computational Methods for Room Acoustics Session Organizers Maarten Hornikx
A17-01 Automotive noise and vibration, including electric vehicles Session Organizers Andrea Grosso Marie-Agnes Pallas
A17-02 Road traffic noise monitoring and abatement Session Organizers Patrizia Bellucci Dick Botteldooren
A17-03 Tyre/road noise Session Organizers Marco Conter Fabienne Anfosso
A17-04 Low-noise road pavements Session Organizers Gaetano Licitra Elisabete Freitas
A17-05 Railway noise detection, monitoring and abatement Session Organizers Andrea Bracciali Fabien Letourneaux
A17-06 Noise & Vibration from roads and railways, including urban railways Session Organizers Giovanni Moschioni Konstantinos Vogiatzis Georges Kouroussis
A17-07 Road and rail noise barriers and related devices Session Organizers Massimo Garai Jean-Pierre Clairbois
A18-01 Sound design in Arts/Movies Session Organizers Sandra Pauletto Patrick Susini
A18-02 From brief to evaluation in the sound design process Session Organizers Stefano Delle Monache Patrick Susini
A18-03 Sound design/quality in industrial products Session Organizers Nicolas Misdariis Laura Rossi
A18-04 Sound for care and emotions Session Organizers Elif Ozcan Doriana Dal Palù
A19-01 Geoacoustics and Seabed Acoustics Session Organizer Hefeng Dong Stan Dosso
A19-02 Underwater Acoustic communication and networking Session Organizers Roberto Petroccia Paolo Casari
A19-03 Signal Processing in underwater acoustics Session Organizer Sergio Jesus
A19-04 Passive and Active sonar systems Session Organizers Alessandra Tesei Andrea Caiti
A19-05 Underwater Soundscape Session Organizer Florent Le Courtois
A20-01 Materials and systems for noise and vibration control Session Organizer Jorge P. Arenas
A20-02 Modelling and numerical methods in vibroacoustics Session Organizers Oriol Guasch Laurent Maxit
A20-03 Acoustics of porous and structured materials Session Organizers Nicolas Dauchez  Paolo Bonfiglio
A20-04 Inverse methods in acoustics and vibration Sessior Organizers Nicolas Totaro Jeong-Guon Ih
A21-01 Auditory Cognition in interactive Virtual Environments Session Organizers Janina Fels Jamilla Balint
A21-02 Environmental Noise Auralization Session Organizers Reto Pieren Massimilano Masullo
A21-03 Directivity of Sources and Receivers II (also Theme A12) Session Organizers Fabian Brinkmann Johannes Arend
A21-04 Virtual acoustics for indoor spaces Session Organizers Lauri Savioja Damian Murphy Philip Robinson
A22-01 Education in acoustics: General Session Organizers Magdalena Piotrowska Olivier Robin
A22-02 Interactive media or demonstrations for lectures and laboratory Session Organizers Luc Jaouen Manuel Melon
A22-03 Examples of outreaching activities on city noise abatement policies Session Organizers Raffaella Bellomini Jorge P. Arenas
A22-04 Role of social media in outreaching of acoustics topics Session Organizers Eoin Anthony King Marzena Czajkowska
A22-05 Activities in acoustics of European Research Centers and Companies during the 20th century Session Organizers Joachim Scheuren Andrzej Dobrucki
A22-06 Reflections on the International Year of Sound Session Organizers Jean-Dominique Polack Sergio Luzzi
A23-01 Multisensory and virtual tools and laboratory experiences concerning acoustics
and global comfort
Session Organizers Konca Şaher Fabio Favoino Kıvanç Kitapcı
A23-02 Multidomain comfort for human centric building energy efficiency and wellbeing – IEQ analysis and global comfort solutions Session Organizers Anna Laura Pisello Philomena Bluyssen Giorgia Chinazzo
A23-03 Indoor environmental quality requirements, global and acoustic comfort in workplaces – Legislation and guidelines Session Organizers Papatya Nur Dökmeci Yörükoğlu Giulio Arcangeli Yucel Demiral
The Acoustic Education: Interactive Session will take place during the Congress (date TBD) at lunch break (from 1 PM until 2 PM) and it is organized by EAA Technical Committee on Education.

It is a hands-on session where authors will demonstrate methods, devices, and software in education for teachers, students and other FA participants.

The interactive session will be held in one of the Rooms I with a dedicated space for each presenter (similar to an exhibition), where participants will be able to walk from one stand to another and explore different educational tools and materials. It will also be possible for authors to put posters and other promotional materials on their stands.

Detailed information

Please fill in the form with a detailed information about participation and send it to the organizers before June 30, 2023.

Mail to the organizers: Karolina Jaruszewska k.jaruszewska@kfb-acoustics.com