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Information on EAA mentoring program

General information
The goal of the mentoring program is to establish long-term links between early career acousticians and experienced seniors in order to consolidate the coherence of the EAA and establish bridges between the generations: senior-junior bridges.

More and updated information is on the website: https://euracoustics.org/products/mentoring/.

·         This is a volunteering activity.

·         Mentoring pairs are

o   preferably trans-national.

o   1-on-1 pairings.

·         During EAA conferences, mentoring meetups will be organized by the YAN to enrich the mentoring connections.

·         Organization and content within the mentoring pairs are highly individual.

·         We recommend continuous (online) meeting in the first year with intervals of max. two months between meetings to establish and strengthen the mentoring connection.

Registration procedure will be released soon and will start on February 1st, 2023.
Matching procedure
·         Deadlines for the registration procedure and important dates will be announced on the EAA website.

·         The list of volunteer mentors/seniors is posted on the website.

·         Matchings are done manually via YAN with respect to given preferences by the mentees/ juniors.

·         YAN will contact and link the mentoring pairs.

·         First contact should be initiated by the mentees by introducing themselves, reasons to join the mentoring program and setting up a meeting.

·         Options to have a first meeting are provided at yearly EAA conferences.

·         Every mentoring program participant is invited to join the YAN mentoring kick-off (if possible: hybrid option).

Conference activities
·         Mentoring in-person kick-off

o   Intro + Summary from previous year’s participants

o   Information (How Tos/ examples)

o   Get-to-know/ Meet-up

·         Evaluation after one year (1 month before next EAA conference) via questionnaire

·         Proposed individual meetups

o   Meetup for lunch

o   Meetup for poster sessions and walk around

o   Join technical tours together

o   +1 & +1 meetup (senior brings another senior & junior brings another junior)

Duties of mentors/ seniors
·         Discuss with juniors about the profession

·         Give human and career advices (no liability)

·         Give technical advices (if requested)

·         Promote EAA products

·         Participate to mentoring meetups organized during EAA conferences (when participating to the conference)

Duties of mentees/ juniors
·         Initiate contacting the mentor and proposed possible dates for next meetings

·         Prepare for each meeting: e.g., sending questions in forehand, have report ready if where tasks were defined in the previous meeting

·         Participate to mentoring meetups organized during EAA conferences (when participating to the conference).

·         Do not expect the mentor to be a “door-opener” or similar.

For further questions, you can contact us via mail at yan@euracoustics.org or reach out to us via Discord (https://discord.com/invite/bHWwHHY).