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EAA Summer School

The EAA Summer School for Young Acousticians will take place from Friday, September 8 (2pm), 2023 until Sunday, September 10 (1pm), 2023 preceding the Forum Acusticum Conference (FA2023).

The summer school is chaired by Dr. Louena Shtrepi (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) and Dr. Iván Herrero-Durá (Bertrandt Group, Germany).

A plenary keynote by Prof. Monika Rychtáriková (KU Leuven, Belgium) will open the Summer School.


The lecture module “Fundamentals in Acoustics” will be taught oriented for undergraduate students, young researchers and professionals non-expert in acoustics. The registration fee is 50 €.

Several lecture modules on specific hot topics will run in parallel for PhD students, young researchers and professionals, and undergraduate students with at least 6 ECTS credits on their CV in acoustics. The registration fee is 100 €.

An evaluation test is foreseen on the last day, Sunday, September 10. By following the full course and passing the evaluation, students can earn 1 ECTS credit.

Summer School registration will be possible from February 28 to August 30, 2023.

Please check the website for updates on applications for Grants. The deadline for Grants application is on March 31.

Detailed information

(1) The lecture module “Fundamentals in Acoustics” and the Hot Topics will run in parallel and will have the same duration (from Friday, September 8 (2pm), 2023 until Sunday, September 10 (1pm), 2023).

(2) PhD students, young researchers, professionals and graduated students (with at least 6 ECTS credits in acoustics on their CV) will get the opportunity to follow one of the hot topic modules, taught by international experts. It is important to note that the modules related to hot topics will be taught in parallel, so attendees should register for specific courses according to their interests.

(3) Students will need to provide a proof (copy of student ID) and courses list demonstrating at least 6 ECTS credits in acoustics on their CV. These documents need to be uploaded as pdf, jpg or word.doc and in English during the online registration.

(4) Tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. Each course has limited places (100 places for the Fundamentals in Acoustics and 25 places for each Hot Topic).

(5) For the participants in the course “Fundamentals in Acoustics” only, the accommodation (two nights) is included in the course fee. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the course fee for all the participants.

 The hot topics that will be addressed in the modules are the following:

A full description of the Hot Topic program is available here.

EAA SUMMER SCHOOL – from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September 2023
Fundamentals 50
Hot Topics 100

Please, kindly note that all rates include the VAT 22%.

More information will be released soon!