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Acousticians perform freely with musical instruments (piano, drums, guitar, bass).  Wednesday night, 13th September 2023 #OGRTorino

Please, fill in the following form to confirm your presence: https://forms.gle/qdT7bpiYtto4d7ME8 

Dear FA2023 jam participant,

Kindly find below some information about the jam session.
The information is especially relevant for the musicians who would like to play at the jam session.

  • How will the jam go (in short)?

Groups of musicians will play for about 15 min or less. The lineups and group order are in the Excel file attached. The scheduled groups will play starting 19:30, followed by the on-site registrations.

15 min before your group is supposed to start, find Elie Abi Raad, who will be hosting the jam and organizing the groups. You will find your group there, and can discuss songs to play. When it is your turn to go on stage, Elie will let you know. Then, enjoy your time on stage, and when the time is up, Elie will let you know.

And if there are any changes on the night of the jam (you change your mind about playing, or you want to play again), let Elie know.

  • Instruments available

At the jam, there will be one bass, two electric guitars, one keyboard, one drum set, and a number of microphones for vocals, horns and woodwinds.
Unfortunately, no other instruments can be provided. So for those who will not have an instrument available, we apologize for not being able to include you in the schedule.

  • Timing and schedule

18:00 – 19:00: sound check.
If the horn/woodwind players could come around 18:30, we could sound check their instruments.
It is not necessary for the other musicians to be there.
19:00 – 19:30: arrival of audience
19:30 – 22:00?: jam with the scheduled groups (see below)
22:00? – 23:59: open jam (players who want to play again, on-the-spot registrations, …)
23:59: end of jam

  • When and with who will you play?

We have grouped the musicians who registered into groups with similar styles and assigned instruments, taking into account the information you gave us. Each group is assigned an expected 15min time slot in which to play. You can find the groups and schedule in the accompanying Excel file (attached to this email if this is an email, or on the webpage if this is on the FA2023 website). The schedule and lineup is subject to change depending on how the jam goes. We will keep you updated with schedule changes through announcements during the evening.

Please note that if your turn to play comes up and we cannot find you, we might have to let someone else play in your stead, and your turn would come again later in the evening.

  • What can you play?

Anything you want. You are free to completely improvise or play specific songs that you decide on with your group.
If you are not sure what to play, we have included some suggestions in the Excel file, in the sheet “Song suggestions”. Feel free to have a look at them before the jam.

  • What to do at the jam?

15 min before you are scheduled to play, go to the person organizing the jam so that they know you are present and available to play. You will also find the other members of your group there. Discuss songs to play or style to play. When the organizer gives you the okay to go on stage, you can go and play. The organizer will also tell you when your time is up.

On the night of the jam, if you have any questions or jam-related concerns, let the jam organizer know.


Please find the updated list of songs here


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